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0244 Charlotte's Suit Colored by aelannacessara

Well the story behind the picture is certainly intriguing. I love it when an artist creates a story behind their art, it add to the pic...

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Ok, so I was tagged by :iconnobarawolfgirl:. I needed a new journal anyway, it's been so long since I wrote one I actually forgot for a second how to write a new one. :P

Go to

1) Switch to ''All Regions"
2)switch to "1"
3)Only one Pokémon per question

4) Tag at least 1 person after

This is you: Galvantula
Heck Yeah!!
I have no idea what it does or what it's abilities are but it looks awesome.

1) This Pokémon is your best friend: Armaldo

ArmaldoUs, exoskeleton animals gota stick together.

2) This Pokémon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion: Lombre

LombreSeriously?! I'm working for a Kappa! Why on Earth would I be working for such a deceitful slime bag?

3)This Pokemon is your partner in a science project: Seismitoad

SeismitoadWe must be working on a project that has to do with seismic waves.

4)This Pokémon is your father: Seviper

SeviperInteresting? I must have been adopted...

5) This Pokémon is your mother: Heatran

Heatran ... or not.  Seviper must be my stepfather. I wonder who my reall father was?

6)This Pokémon is your worst enemy:Tentacruel

TentacruelI can understand why; I hate cruel things.

7)This Pokémon is your girlfriend: Pansear

PansearElectricity and fire are related right?according to Avatar Explains why we get along so well.

8)This Pokémon is your Ex: Servine


9)This Pokémon is your hero: Volcanion

Volcanion A mysterious Legendary legend.  I can see why I look up to it.

10)This Pokémon just stole all your cheesecake: Shellder

Shellder Hey, give it back!

11)This Pokémon is what you felt in your bed last night: Latios

LatiosOne question, why the heck was a psychic creature hiding under my bed?!?!

12)This Pokemon Punched your Mom: Espurr

EspurrMy name, is Galvantula. You punched my mother, prepare to die!

13)This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes: Makuhita

MakuhitaGood luck, spiders don't exactly need shoes.

14)This Pokemon died by your hands: Magikarp
MagikarpProbably because they fail at life and I was hungry.

15)This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life: Torterra

TorterraHe must owe me a life debt.

16) This Pokemon is your loving pet: Shieldon
Shieldon A shield Triceratops thing. Awesome.
Reminds me 0f 26.
there is a reference there

17) This Pokemon is your Dentist: Klefki

KlefkiA living set of keys, seriously? How is that even possible? I'd love to see how :iconarvalis: would make this Pokemon look realistic.

18)This Pokemon is what you dream about every day:Gastly

GastlyCorrection, this Pokemon is what I have nightmares about every day.

19)You see this Pokemon suffering the wrath of SuperSpicy Curry. (Yeah, that thing from Smash Bros.....): Shinx

ShinxPoor thing.

20)This Pokemon suddenly hugs you from behind: Chespin

Chespin*hugs it back*

21)This Pokemon thinks it's the strongest, best and most beautiful in the world!!:Yveltal

YveltalI am not going to argue because I do not want to die!

Ok I now tag :icontophats96:

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OH My Goodness.  I have been waiting for this for a Looooong time.  The trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is finally out.

Before you read on you have got to watch it if you already haven't.

So far this trailer is getting mixed reviews, people absolutely love it and others absolutely hate it.   But you have to remember this movie is planed to hit theaters December 2015, over a whole year from now.  So it is very likely that a lot of things in this trailer are merely placeholders.  So most of the "bad" acting I am willing to forgive. The only thing I really don't like is this first thing...

Silly Droid by tonystardreamer

 Yeah. :P

I REALLLLY hope this is not going to replace R2-D2.  The only thing I can figure, is that this might be some sort of cheep scout, or toy.  In the extended universe Astromech droids (like R2-D2) were decommissioned a few years after Episode VI, so maybe this droid could be a mesh-mash of lots of droids, or retro toy.  Despite how much I don't like this droid, I didn't like the droid in Interstellar either in the trailer, but once the movie came out I though those droid were the coolest things ever. In fact TARS was my favorite character in the movie.  So, I'll give this droid a chance to prove itself.

And Next.

Black Storm Trooper by tonystardreamer

I have no idea who this guy is, but the fact that he is wearing Storm Trooper armor gives me two ideas; 1. he's a Storm Trooper, 2. he could be disguised as a Storm Trooper.  Beyond this, I can't speculate much.

OK, moving on.

STroopers by tonystardreamer

OK, the new Storm Trooper helmets.  The designs for these were released (or leaked, I don't remember) a while ago.  I like them ok, they do seem a bit too "TRONish" to me, and I don't think they have enough of the "used universe" look that Star Wars is supposed to have.

And on the subject of the "Used Universe" look...
Awesome Box Speeder by tonystardreamer

Awesome Box Speeder Back View by tonystardreamer

I absolutely LOVE this speeder!!! :love:
It looks very boxy, old, rusted, reused, so very Star Wars. I could go on and on about how much I love this vehicle, but we don't have time.

Solo 01 by tonystardreamer

Jaina Solo, PLEASE be Jania Solo. Please be let this character be the daughter of Leia and Han Solo and the twin sister of Jacen Solo. Please let this movie have SOME form of nod to the expanded universe we a have all grown to love and cherish,...

OK, that rant is done.

Moving swiftly onwards.

X-Wing Pilot by tonystardreamer
X-Wings 01 by tonystardreamer

X-WINGS! Oh how beautiful these are.
These fighters look a bit more advanced and futuristic than the classic T-65 X-Wings (the fighters from the original trilogy). But that's to be expected, I mean after all, this movie takes place decades after "Return of the Jedi", so advancement in tech is expected.  These fighter as well look very used and very Star Warsish.  I love 'em.
And just as a side point, I noticed that the X-wings have their S-foils (the wings) in attack position, can we expect a cool air battle on this misty forest world?

I noticed on the Pilots vest and helmet is the Rebel's symbol, if this means the Rebels are still around or if it is the symbol of the New Republic, I don't know.

Untitled by tonystardreamer

 And the Sith.  If this Lightsaber is any indicating of what all Lightsabers will look like in this movie...

...let's just say I hope not.
(Now every thing I say about Lightsabers from here on is all mere speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.)

I really hope this Saber is an ancient Lightsaber, but it's only a speculation. And because Disney crossed out the entire expanded universe, anything we knew about ancient Lightsabers is now for naught. So this could be Disney version of ancient Lightsabers.
Another reason I think it might could ancient because of that way the blade of the saber fluctuates, as if it's not as finely tuned as the Sabers we all know.  And even though in the expanded universe there were multiple Lightsabers with Lightsaber cross-guards, the large cross-guards make it look very old, like a medieval Longsword, or Greatsword.

Also, the name of the movie is "The Force Awakens", so is it possible that this is an ancient Sith from long ago that has been "awakened"?  A Sith Pure-blood anyone?

(End of Lightsaber speculations)

And of course, probably the coolest scene of the entire trailer, The Millennium Falcon.

Mfalcon by tonystardreamer
At least what I think is the Millennium Falcon. I noticed a few subtle changes, the most prominent of which is the satiliet dish on top is rectangular instead of circular. However, with the Star Wars theme playing, I'm betting this is the Millennium Falcon instead of some other YT-1300 light freighter.  It seems to be fighting a pair of TIE fighters, the full-blown Empire or Imperial Remnants? I have no idea.

Another thing to note is the TIE fighters seem to be the same as they were in the original trilogy. This seems odd to me, since the Empire apparently redesigned and outfitted their entire Storm Trooper ranks with new more advanced armor, but one would think that upgrading your fighters would be more pressing matter than outfitting your replaceable clone infantry with new useless plastic armor.

Over all I am very optimistic about this. The movie still has an entire year before it is released and hopefully awesome things will happen before then. :D
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